Our Team

B-raj Pandey can be described as a person who loves to interact with people and learn about life from the conversations that he has with people from various walks of life. Pandey has excellent liaison and negotiation skills.

Armed with excellent interpersonal skills, and the ability to deal with people from diverse communities, he is exceptional in planning and executing marketing activities. Pandey is responsible for the student recruitment drives of the institution.

A brilliant orator, Pandey is also well trained and experienced in organizing school talks and education fairs. With a flair for being able to clearly put his thoughts across to students and guardians alike, Pandey is also adept in establishing networks and holding seminars for students from various backgrounds.

Not one to shy away from any task or responsibility, Pandey is always ready to act as a mentor to his students and staff. He not only sets a vision but also cooperates with all the people associated with the vision in helping them fulfill their individual goals. One aspect that makes Pandey stand out is his ability and willingness to have mutual discussions with his staff to generate new ideas which are for the benefit of the students.

Always wanting to expand his horizon, Pandey has participated in various international seminars related to the consultancy field across the globe. He has also been associated with National Educational Consultancies’ Association NECA as its executive member (2009-2011 and 2011-2013). Pandey is also highly proficient in English, Nepali, Hindi and Japanese.

Dedication and devotion to one’s work are the two essential aspects that help a person succeed. This is a belief that Anurag Verma dearly holds on to in any responsibility that is assigned to him.

Having worked from a young age, Anurag has vast experience in various fields. From marketing to writing to editing, he has been involved in many areas throughout his career. But the one thing that has always been close to his heart is teaching.

Anurag actually does not believe in the word ‘teaching’. He feels that it is all about sharing one’s experience and knowledge. Even as a teacher he says that there is so much to learn from students. Every step in life is a learning process.

He firmly believes that communication is the most vital tool in any chosen area of work. It is all about getting your message across and being able to comprehend what the other person is saying is what makes one a good teacher.