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Education In Australia

Faces will tell the local aspirants’ understanding of education in Australia, the second preferred destination for PR seekers, and their families’ financial health. As for returning to Nepal and contributing to its development and growth after bagging a foreign degree, this is a long shot in the present political and social context. In any case, many students who clear the visa hurdle to land in Australia do not do so to return to their beloved country. These youths are misfits in the new structure of the country. The nationalists will stay back in the country, go to local schools and colleges, take membership of a political party and contribute to the country’s prosperity as much as their own. As for the foreign-educated, as soon as they land at the boutique airport, they will realise that they have come to the wrong place. A foreign education can make one an alien in their own country. It happens to everyone. Barring a few exceptions, many students go to foreign countries for PR or earning money. Everyone knows this. A destination can reveal the long-term intention of Nepali students. Generally, some students go to countries like Greek or Turkish Cyprus to earn money. They go to Australia and New Zealand to stay forever.