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ICEF Trained Agent Counsellors (ITAC)

Education Park Counsellors are ITACs.

The ICEF Agent Training Course (IATC) is a practical, professional training course for agency-based student counsellors. It provides student counsellors with:

  • An understanding of the overall international education market and the main destination countries for international students
  • the skills and research parameters lto analyse destination countries and their education products and processes
  • the functional dynamics of dealing with students, education institutions, and governments.

IATC is a general course to provide a foundation for dealing with all destination countries. The IATC provides the student counsellor with practical training in the general principles and functions common to most destination countries, and provides links to each country for detailed follow-up research and practical application.

The course covers three areas:

  1. The context of International Education
  2. The people in International Education
  3. Promoting International Education